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About Me: I am a creative digital professional in Northern California and have been making television motion graphics & animation for discerning clients for over twenty years. I specialize in Autodesk Maya, Smoke and Adobe After Effects. For the past five years I’ve taught digital media topics at a variety of the region’s colleges and universities and I continue to be fascinated by the developments in animation, VFX, video games, VR/AR/MR and computer graphics in general. Some folks might know me as a music producer and specifically as a musician and bandleader of the Dutch Falconi Orchestra, an alt-swing theatrical big band from the 1990’s. Still, others may recognize me as a painter and sculptor through my gallery appearances over the years or through my acting, voice-over or other creative support roles in the work of my many wonderful friends and colleagues. In short, I love to make things for both fun and profit and I can make something with you or for you as well. E-mail me below and let’s get started!