NEW SINGLE - “Tonight Only”

“Tonight Only” is the first single from the forthcoming 10-song album Curious Fabrications and in many ways it is a return to my big band swing roots, well... sort of. Overall it is more of a film noir soundtrack than any of my previous big band jazz offerings. Full of intrigue, suspense and thrills, Curious Fabrications includes three Latin jazz flavors too! I’ll be releasing the Latin Gitano-Klez inflected “La Amante Del Inquisidor” on June 11th then the full 10-song big band album Curious Fabrications on July 23rd 2021!


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PREMIERE of "Tonight Only" in XS Noise

Bloom & Brimstone  -  Available NOW

 10 new acoustic instrumental pieces  
Written, performed & produced by Dutch Falconi
Featuring: Cimbalom, Bandonéon, Strings and Guitar

Listener's Comments

"Swirling shadows, playfully criminal, macabre without malice, velvet and yellowed lace lampshades, a ghostly carousel through mist, gangster depth, a movie soundtrack where the music is the script. Fucking love what you made."

"Absolutely love listening to this album while I work in my studio. I swear it brought out the sunshine. Some tango-tap dancing may have occurred."

"Unsure of the etiquette of unsolicited messages, but I wanted to briefly reach out to offer thanks for Bloom and Brimstone; it’s wonderful. I found it in Apple Music and downloaded it."

"Great album! It's like some kind of orchestrated romanticism. I loved the use of strings instead of a horn section, definitely more dramatic. What a cool adventure!"


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