Bloom & Brimstone  -  Available NOW

 10 new Instrumental pieces  
Written, performed & produced by Dutch Falconi
Featuring: Cimbalom, Bandonéon, Strings and Guitar

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I hope the pieces on Bloom & Brimstone speak to you as stories, as possible moods or as opportunities to travel in place and in time. To be sure, my clumsy attempt to conceal the narrative or metaphysical underpinnings will appear purposeful: I want you to know I’ve tried to weave a little magic into each piece for you, and only you, to discover, to use, and to enjoy. Try using Bloom & Brimstone as the soundtrack for the movie of which you are the star: you the secret agent, the adventurer, the magician, the acrobat. You—the scoundrel, the seductress, the warrior. You, the dreamer, the creature, the oracle.  Above all, you have my compliments! -Dutch

Listener's Comments

"Swirling shadows, playfully criminal, macabre without malice, velvet and yellowed lace lampshades, a ghostly carousel through mist, gangster depth, a movie soundtrack where the music is the script. Fucking love what you made."

"Absolutely love listening to this album while I work in my studio. I swear it brought out the sunshine. Some tango-tap dancing may have occurred."

"Unsure of the etiquette of unsolicited messages, but I wanted to briefly reach out to offer thanks for Bloom and Brimstone; it’s wonderful. I found it in Apple Music and downloaded it."

"Great album! It's like some kind of orchestrated romanticism. I loved the use of strings instead of a horn section, definitely more dramatic. What a cool adventure!"


Album Quick Facts:

 10 new & original acoustic instrumentals featuring cimbalom, bandonéon, strings and guitar. An hour of new music!

Label: Aurore Records ( Aurore is my own label and I'm excited to be releasing a variety of new music projects through it!

Album Genre: World Instrumental / Transylvanian Salsa
Hometown: Sacramento, California 

Press Contact - Alex Haager:


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