Bloom & Brimstone  -  Available NOW

 10 new acoustic instrumental pieces  
Written, performed & produced by Dutch Falconi
Featuring: Cimbalom, Bandonéon, Strings and Guitar

Listener's Comments

"Swirling shadows, playfully criminal, macabre without malice, velvet and yellowed lace lampshades, a ghostly carousel through mist, gangster depth, a movie soundtrack where the music is the script. Fucking love what you made."

"Absolutely love listening to this album while I work in my studio. I swear it brought out the sunshine. Some tango-tap dancing may have occurred."

"Unsure of the etiquette of unsolicited messages, but I wanted to briefly reach out to offer thanks for Bloom and Brimstone; it’s wonderful. I found it in Apple Music and downloaded it."

"Great album! It's like some kind of orchestrated romanticism. I loved the use of strings instead of a horn section, definitely more dramatic. What a cool adventure!"


Album Quick Facts:

 10 new & original acoustic instrumentals featuring cimbalom, bandonéon, strings and guitar. An hour of new music!

Label: Aurore Records ( Aurore is my own label and I'm excited to be releasing a variety of new music projects through it!

Album Genre: World Instrumental / Transylvanian Salsa
Hometown: Sacramento, California 

Press Contact - Alex Haager:


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