"Carnival Of Souls" - Single

            The 1st single from Bloom & Brimstone NOW available!

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"Ride With Me" - Single 

            The 2nd single from Bloom & Brimstone NOW available! 

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“Carnival Of Souls” Music Video by Filmmaker Mark Herzig. 

Filmmaker Mark Herzig has made a music video for my instrumental “Carnival of Souls” and it’s really cool! Visually rich and profoundly abstract, Herzig’s image blurs, flashes and pulses deftly synchronize to the music suggesting Mark’s keen musical sensitivity. His use of recurring image motifs act as markers for the larger song form and indicate the introduction of new visual material into the brooding cinematic mix. While riffing on several key thematic moments from the1962 film of the same name, Herzig’s music video combines footage found on the cutting room floor of history and smashes it together with pop culture and newsreel doom into a kaleidoscopic journey worthy of the title “Carnival of Souls”.

The new 10-song album LP Bloom & Brimstone to be released January 29th 2021!