Hey...Thanks for dropping by! Please have a look around and put an ear to whatever may interest you - there's plenty of music and words to keep you busy for a while! The BIG NEWS is that you can now buy VINYL LPs of my three big albums right here on the site. I'm super excited about the two shorts Bob Moricz has made for "Come One, Come All" and "Day Into Night" as well as the short film Daniel Panasenko did using my solo piano piece "Servants Of Midnight". You can watch these three and several others on the Music Video page. Also, I just found a case of CDs of the 1999 classic Crime Boss Hootenanny and you can pick one up over in my Store. Of course, feel free to email with any notes, questions, comments or interesting miscellany. Finally, visit Aurore Records, tip your waitress and try the lasagne...I'll be here all week! :-) 
Cheers! -Dutch


Still warm from the record press in France! Buy them at my STORE. I'll ship them to you (usually same day) myself and if you're in the US, I'll pick-up the tax! Wow! Right?

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