"Servants Of Midnight" Short by Filmmaker Daniel Panasenko.

My dear old friend, composer, musician, designer & filmmaker Daniel Panasenko was inspired by my piece “Servants Of Midnight” and he made a short film using it as the musical basis. Really, I feel so honored and I love the piece he’s made with my music. I hope you like it as much as I do! 

I say short film because it’s certainly not a “music video” but rather something wholly different. He has taken my solo piano piece, developed a visual vocabulary all its own, then used that vocabulary to dance along with the music, effectively creating a narrative that is greater than the sum of both music and images alone. Its marvelous ambiguity will surely welcome all. 

Filmed on a Canon PowerShot SD600 and assembled in iMovie, Daniel has stayed true to the spirit of the solo piano piece by restricting his palette and has reveled in the use of a minimal tool-set in the image production. Certainly, the desire to hold open the curtain and expose the makers marks in both pieces contribute to its combined immediacy and satisfaction. 

I recommend you visit and subscribe to Daniel’s YouTube Channel as well as visit his wonderful musical offerings over at his Bandcamp page.


"This elegant & abstract 3 minute film piece by Daniel Panasenko is the perfect compliment to Dutch's solo piano track of the same name. Both are simple in materials but complex in ideas. Let's hope it inspires a notion that experimentation with a limited palette can have delightful outcomes in all our creative work and lives."


“Carnival Of Souls” Music Video by Filmmaker Mark Herzig. 

Filmmaker Mark Herzig has made a music video for my instrumental “Carnival of Souls” and it’s really cool! Visually rich and profoundly abstract, Herzig’s image blurs, flashes and pulses deftly synchronize to the music suggesting Mark’s keen musical sensitivity. His use of recurring image motifs act as markers for the larger song form and indicate the introduction of new visual material into the brooding cinematic mix. While riffing on several key thematic moments from the1962 film of the same name, Herzig’s music video combines footage found on the cutting room floor of history and smashes it together with pop culture and newsreel doom into a kaleidoscopic journey worthy of the title “Carnival of Souls”.

“Fugitive Color” Music Video by  Viktori Pesonen (Vice Art).

Filmmaker Viktori Pesonen, known to many as Vice Art, has made a poignant piece about memory, love and loss using my song “Fugitive Color” and it’s simply wonderful! Shot in his native Finland, Vice Art’s music video features actor Onni Tulla and while its visual tone is drenched in a kind of emotional —and literal—winter, the campfire at the center of the piece stands as an enduring symbol of love, past, present and future. Vice Art has created a short narrative for “Fugituve Color” that is a really a collision of memory, rage, sadness and acceptance rendered with a distinctly raw human lens that I think fits very well with the music. It is a welcome addition to the growing collection of music videos for the songs on “Bloom & Brimstone”.

“Quixote” Music Video by David Sketchley.
“This film represents the dream of a journey to Andalusia. By pure coincidence I was deep into Cervantes novel when Dutch approached me with the idea of making a film to accompany one of the tracks on his album, Bloom & Brimstone. Choosing the track Quixote seemed obvious. As in a dream, certain images pop up, sometimes uninvited, creating a somewhat surreal narrative. All the images used, with a couple of exceptions were captured during two recent trips Ruby and I took to Spain, via Stockholm, London and Barcelona, and finally Andalusia, and whilst neither Cervantes nor his eponymous hero were Andalusian, merely close neighbours, the countryside and towns such as Cordoba and Granada, were sufficient to evoke their memory.”

-Music Video Director, David Sketchley